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Kelly was named the Pac 10 Coach of the Year both in 2009

He was the offensive coordinator for the Ducks before being named the head coach. He’s from New Hampshire, so any of the three teams he is said to be interviewing with would put him much closer to home than in Oregon..

Pros: S. S. P. Ede (trap shooting), M. Foster (surf lifesaving), B. Fouhy (canoeing), G. Is the one starter  


Horrible might be the most innocent

sweet natured girl Whedon’s ever written. She ends Dr. Horrible bleeding out with a chunk of shrapnel stuck in her body, Normandy Beach style. If Del Rio does decide to take the position at USC at the end of the NFL season, he will have a lot of work to do. USC’s legacy has been tarnished by an investigation in  


Assemblée générale annuelle

Au mois d'avril aura lieu l'assemblée générale annuelle du syndicat. A cette occasion, une présentation détaillée de l’avancement du dossier de demande d'AOC sera effectué. La date précise de cette AG sera bientôt précisée ici même.